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#AcWriMo Recap, Nov 16th & 17th: 1524 words

Between last evening and this afternoon, I was able to catch up a bit.

I had intended to write more last night, but was feeling a little cramped in my home office area (given that I’ve been writing in here almost exclusively). So, I took my writing out into the world—a decision that can have good or bad outcomes. Sometimes, you can find space at a bar or a coffee shop where you can focus relatively well. Last night, unfortunately, was not one of those nights—I stumbled upon a busy promotional “birthday party” for Founders Brewing which was, as you can imagine, was good for getting to try new beers but not so good for getting writing done. In response, I closed myself away for a few hours this afternoon and—inspired by other #AcWriMo’ers—gave the Pomodoro Technique a go. It worked surprisingly well, and I was able to kick out around 1000 words at a quicker pace than usual.

Today’s writing soundtrack: started with the same Butch Raveline session that I usually turn to, but then switched to the new Guided By Voices The Bears for Lunch (which is excellent, btw).

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