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#AcWriMo Recap, Nov 15th: 1525 words

Tonight progressed more quickly and pleasantly than other nights. This was, in particular, a good thing given that I lost the first hour of my writing time to rewatching the pilot episode of The Wire. (Shame on me, I know.)

Tonight’s session was focused almost exclusively on Onora O’Neill—specifically, her distinction between “abstractions” and “idealizations,” as well as her descriptions of various conceptions of practical reason.

#AcWriMo goal-wise, I’m not too off track despite a couple of slow and/or missed nights this week - I’m currently just over 14,000 words into my 30,000 word goal here at the exact halfway point in the month. Given that tomorrow is my make-up writing day, I’ll focus on clearing that 15,000 word mark before heading into the weekend. I am hoping to also set aside some time on Saturday to also kick out some words, since Thanksgiving will undoubtedly throw things off a bit.

Tonight’s writing soundtrack: Butch’s Raveline Mix Session (a standard go-to for me when I’m writing—it’s upbeat enough to motivate me but chill enough to not get in the way), followed by Grimes’ Visions and Hercules and Love Affair’s self-titled.

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